I have an exam on Wednesday and lacking some serious motivation (hence the blog procrastipost). I can’t help but think if I could create a beautiful space for me to study in I would be more inclined to spend more time there. Everyone knows your environment is one of the most powerful influences on your mood- and I know if my office looked like this I would be in the mood for studying.


1. Solid Walnut Circle Shelf (Two Tier), $400 from Bride and Wolfe

2. Remy Small Pencil Case, $17.95 from Country Road

3. Tilla Hole Punch, Stapler & Tape Dispenser, $29.95 each from Country Road

4. ‘don’t forget to play’ Wall Clock, $30 from Society6

5. Hand stitched Leather Laptop Case, $126.64 from CherryBombLeather Etsy Store

6. Alex Drawer Unit in White, $279 from IKEA

7. Heal’s Job Copper Table Lamp, $315 from Heal’s

8. 27 Inch 3.2GHz iMac, $1799 from Apple

9. Miss Wood 3 Drawer Desk in Natural, $699 from Freedom Furniture

10. Replica Hans Wegnet Wishbone Chair in Natural Ash, $179 from Milano Republic

11. Enkel Dual Power Calculator from Kikki.K

12. Tio Timer, $14.95 from Country Road

13. Kvissle Cable Management Box in cork and white, $9.99 from IKEA

14. Hive Pen Cube, $19.95 from Country Road

15. Moroccan Boxes Floor Rug in Cream, $349 from Freedom Furniture

16. Wool Blend A5 Notebook: Lappland, $29.95 from Kikki.K



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