2014 is the 50th anniversary of Marimekko’s most iconic print, Unikko. The print was born in 1964 when Maija Ratia made it in protest of Marimekko’s founder, Armi Ratia, enforcing a florals ban, and thank god for that because just look at it! Unikko is the embodiment of the term ‘flower power’ – it’s bold, bright and strong.

0ce70d3259fd384ea7fd8bb5de146e26 8e135a7776b44b174e721f8fb4f18602 479d657ab2a4ee2ffe42fc24007f654f 39279ece77194c3858a27a632733bfbb b53db06583f7bbd28f37957cc34c033f e77968cb9e2dc07f383f7f3bf664f94f fc4cefc438f28d08ffdbd4c3785d4371 MARIMEKKO.001

AlwaysMod is a go to for ‘everything Marimekko’, and display these lovely homewares and more on their handy e-store. Although red poppies on white are clearly the best, I thought I’d share a few other colour combos to demonstrate how wide the range is.

1. Unikko Black & White iPad Cover, $78
2. Unikko Mugs, $20
3. Unikko Kinto Oval Cosmetic Bag, $75
4. Unikko Oven Mit, $22
5. Unniko Red/White Mini-Manual Umbrella, $49
6. Red Unikko Thermos, $89
7. Unikko Apron, $45
8. Unikko Cotton Placemat, $26
9. Pieni Unikko Black/Green Table Runner, $38.50
10. Pieni Unikko Red Fabric, $53 per yard


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