The Melbourne opening of H&M made national headlines for being the first of its kind on Australian shores, and I gotta say, I get why. I get the love surrounding H&M.




After specially making the trip to visit the store a few weeks ago, I gotta say they’ve sucked me in hook, line and sinker. It’s great for adding a few personal touches around the home for minimal cash- and if you’re a student like me it’s a great way to start collecting for your real life big persons home without sacrificing food or rent.


Okay so this is less of a blog post and more of a shopping list. Regardless, enjoy my top 10 picks from their homewares range.


For more, check out H&M’s new Australian website.


No, this is not a sponsored post. Yes, I’m genuinely this cheap all the time.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 12.07.11 am

  1. Bronze Metal Candle Holder $9.95
  2. Cotton bedspread double $79.95
  3. Wooden box $19.95
  4. Fleece Blanket $14.95
  5. Linen cushion cover $27.95
  6. Wooden Bowl $29.95
  7. Linen cushion cover $19.95
  8. Soap dispenser + Toothbrush holder, $7.95 each
  9. Shower Towel $19.95
  10. Bronze Metal Wire Basket $12.95

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