So this swiss cross thing, was first seen on the Swiss flag (probably…I assume…don’t research that), and is EVERYWHERE. It’s all over Pinterest, Apartment Therapy, every interiors blog under the sun has at the very least a mention of a crossed cushion or throw. It’s more than a trend. It’s an epidemic. But in a good way; good like Swiss chocolate. What aren’t the Swiss useful for?!






As you can see, everyone’s loving a bit of monochrome swiss cross these days. Those darn clever Scandinavians have entranced us with black and white options, but if you search Etsy long and hard enough you’ll find some things like this:


1. La Cross Clock, available from Society6 for $30

2. Swiss Cross Washi Tape in black, available from Number Fifteen for $3

3. Red Swiss Cross cushion cover, available from Etsy for $41.96

4. Swiss Cross Felt Banner Wall Hanging, available from Etsy for $55

5. Home Republic Portland Throw, available from Adairs for $69.95

If you’re poor (like me) you can DIY it because it’s super easy to rip off- I mean, be inspired by. I found some cool tutorials here and here.

Now the swiss cross is kinda like a cat; small, trendy and a great addition to any home but if you get 86 of them and put them all over your house you’re going to be dubbed the crazy cat lady and hauled off to the nearest looney bin, so remember, these babies are fine (and totally sane) when used in small doses. DO NOT OVERDO IT. PLZ.

Otherwise, go for it. You don’t have to have albino floorboards and jet black furniture to try this out, it goes with everything. Seriously, EVERYTHING. It’s a really simple and effective way to update a space.

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