They say “this season, bold interiors are in!” ..and so are pastels, so as long as you land somewhere on the colour spectrum apparently you’re doing great. Ignoring whoever they are, and their lack of specifics, you can’t get much bolder than B.L.A.C.K.


“But Sarah,” I hear you say, “it’s so…well, black!”. Well loyal readers, and bless you for taking the effort to learn my name, I am here to explain how black isn’t all scary with tombstones and witches like our childhood story books would have us believe.


(Ignore the scratchy witch tree)

Let’s look at the POSITIVE word associations for black, shall we?: classic, sophisticated, dramatic, glamorous… Personally, I hate the word ‘glamorous’ (it’s grossly overused and phonetically it lands somewhere between glands and fungus), but surely you can see what I mean. On a person, black is slimming. Who doesn’t own a Little Black Dress or 6? Just imagine your black room is your LBD. I use LBDs to showcase my excessive bounty of accessories. A black room is no different; you got to accessorise to give your black canvas some life.

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Okay, so here are the givens:

  • Don’t even touch your paintbrush unless you have an abundance of natural light already existing in the room.
  • Make sure you have contrasting elements in the room. Black + black + black + black = suffocation. Contrasting elements add visual interest and depth to the room, and the black will make the elements pop with intensity.
  • Probably let the other residents of your house know that you’re going to, you know, paint the whole living room black.

8da524251faf79066ef6a52d77efd650 8aacabb6cfd707e9acf07542f9c37604 7aac85e2c03c9f228bdbbf92cd74c334 4ce02208cf8d5c40f45163872337722a 4aa664b8c9480b0eebc9638b967469a4 3c2d02351775b8af6e57ec94a8e915e2


All images sourced from Pinterest

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