Exams are over! Which means…..RELAX. And nothing says relax like a big, sculptural, feature freestanding bath. If I had one of these in my student digs I think I’d have a lot of trouble leaving the house- hell, leaving the bathroom. It’s unbelievable how they can completely transform your space into having a luxurious resort feel – and how they can transform me into a blithering love struck mess. If you are thinking of getting one my one suggestion would be THEY ARE A FEATURE so keep them as such, they need a lot of room or else it will just look squashed. Practicality wise – you need to clean all the way around these baths so make sure you get them away from that wall. Otherwise, the freestanding bath is the absolute epitome of opulence. I hope you love these images, and for that matter imagining yourself in them, as much as I do.

02ac918d072eaeb38d12846a2080d69d 5c65c01607a1d48cb66a99e5b073cac8 8ecbd27ffca2e585ab7dd1d2bcd55117 33bd0074bbf83c417a8caa23fff5d8ce a122fd69a6915a96fe2d53bafc251afa 71775ab14cc5e42db81877058d80389b 580f2e0025272cddd027b357928a18f8 54c8997377c183d34814da24cbeec5a4 b2e6ca9565624d865ee99202cadbb5e6 f1e8ca482c6ba1ec5ea6c87426dfa23f



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