Terrible title, I apologise, but I really am losing it over marble. It’s not just for mansions and castles, but in saying that don’t let visions of grandeur overwhelm your sense of proportion; you don’t want to turn your house into Caesar’s Palace. Marble looks great with a muted palette, but also looks great contrasted with copper or wood. Here is some of my favourite marble images – particularly the Herringbone and Honeycomb marble splash backs.

1ef8076ea8b7d7f1f9809f7a83c1a30f 28a9e3de1f404fb1fa6fe01d6aea88d4 36eac4cb3e95a388324cab0ab82ae4e9 603f363b7e9104ba4de84602015933a9 885789f9d17d8737fc80060aeb87a029 a292861443c58ea83f83cd9d6e1647af ed39ce4f99163968c4f1d4726de7fcd6 f607b6b38f856a7903cbb31afd2b30c6 fb423a69e08ba7d2cfa703d8508ae137

Screen Shot 2014-06-24 at 11.59.15 am

1. Marble Tote, $22 from Society6

2. Carrara Marble Tumbler, $59 from Restoration Hardware

3. Marble Cushion Cover, $130 from The Minimalist

4. Marble Laptop Skin, $25 from Society6

5. Carve Side Table from Bethan Gray

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