Riding in on the coat tails of the ombre trend comes the watercolour trend. Doesn’t it just make you happy? Watercolours remind me of summer; wishy washy ocean colours, melting sunsets…they inject a pop of colour, splashing all different kinds of fluid tones without any sort of harsh boundaries, like the most fabulously inconspicuous house guest.

75b3c8a69ec35866ee0a397ed0ad2434 40907bb0a09cd37156a535be54da9102 bluebellgray-rugs Colour-Drip e612eee0c2625d1f2afbf5de880aa444 e7651da8fe023de0f2c5843e86bd55c8 8d1c009acacbd1043b4e65b95846749f teal-paintbox2

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 9.57.12 pm

1.Neon Floral Watercolour Tablecloth $129 @ Hunt & Style

2. Watercolour iPhone 5s Case $38.20 @ RoveStudio Etsy Shop

3. Marimekko Weather Diary Dinner Plate $45 @ Always Mod 

4. Watercolour Splash Throw Pillow $20.00 @ Society6

5. Watercolour Wall Clock, $79.00 @ Six Things

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s some stunning watercolour desktops (My Mac’s currently rocking the pink) designed by Katie Fiddler for DesignLoveFest.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 10.09.25 pm

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