So I’m employing myself, BIG DEAL, it’s not my fault no one else will trust me with their precious rooms. Yes, I’m not getting paid, and yes, I’m paying for it, but it’s about damn time I got someone in to fix my own mess.

I’ll be repainting the entire room Antique White, which means NO MORE MAGENTA FEATURE WALL. I’ll be reusing all my existing furniture, mainly switching up art and textiles.

Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 7.50.18 pmHere’s a little inspo board I knocked together. I decided to keep some magenta touches because otherwise my entire linen cupboard will become irrelevant. I LOVE the budgie print by Aussie artist Mia Oatley, as well as the vibrant colours of the Society6 print above the bed. I couldn’t find my existing bedside tables, but found these similar ones in the googles. I’m intending to try and piece together a DIY Captain’s Mirror, for which I found a tutorial here.

“Dawn Light” Print from Society6

Velvet European Pillowcases from Etsy 

Linen Lumbar Pillow from Etsy

Moroccan Boxes Rug from Freedom

Budgie Print from Mia Oatley

Queen Kantha Quilt from Etsy



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