It’s winter at the moment in Australia. Contrary to popular global belief, you can still freeze your freaking arse off, particularly if you live in Melbourne. Today, we got a tiny taste of summer – top of 14 degrees celsius and sunny, and I’m so goddamn desperate for vitamin D I nearly dusted off the bikini and garden hose sprinkler so I could have myself some bloody cold summer delight.

The thing I miss most about summer, as evidenced by my Pinterest history, is the time you spend outdoors. When I wasn’t frolicking maniacally with the icy garden hose earlier today, I was trawling the interwebs for places I’d like to sit with friends… sipping aromatic cocktails in the early dusk… giggling a little too loudly and a little too long… enchanted by a spontaneous but breezy acoustic set (Oh god, the adjectives came too easily, the pain of winter is real). Here is a top 10 series of images I’ve compiled that depict the outdoor living that my body is craving so.

WARNING if you miss summer, these images could will make you weepy.

1acfdaffd1b9a32f3317d9e80d46f1d7 7e6c9f203b78362b18e6ba5789e1914f 16b53eae0b16625e11efd15c1b94094d 76f55a682e4562621aebd6e652adbc34 682262acdcd917a94f54f4132c819197 600316331420cb5033803eda82de495e a033d1df5a43add9c49bb451a7055dd4 c558ed659fc0b4cb6784f97fe5a69205 ee13fc2d6f6def5fc74a77a0e0ccb9ba eeaa4fc924b8a4b8734c713b4b4c816cAll images sourced from Pinterest

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