Sorry for the absence – it’s assignment time at uni and the lecturers have gone hella crazy this trimester. It’s like they get together for a strategic “death-to-all-students” coffee around assignment timetabling time and pick exactly the same due dates. Jokes on them, because I didn’t die.


Still got half a trimester to go.

Love it or hate it, The Block‘s back this year and if nothing else, you should be watching the Sunday night room reveals (providing you can bare the not-so-subtle product placement, we get it, you love Mitre10, it’s mighty helpful, and really, really blue).

The contestants have produced collectively 15 bedrooms now, and I thought we should have a gander at the finer pick of the bunch.


h4_r1_bedroom1_50h4_r1_bedroom1_48h4_r3_bedroomstudy_5 h4_r3_bedroomstudy_6 The-Block-Glasshouse-Master-Bedroom The-Block-GlasshouseThese guys are nailing it. Every. Single. Week. Texture is obviously super important for these guys and I totally agree with every design choice they make. I could happily adopt any of these as my own. When I saw that headboard in the last two images I think I felt a deep, resounding love reserved for a woman and her luxe screen printed bedhead MY LORD IT GIVES ME CHILLS IT’S SO DAMN POWERFUL.


DDRm1000 h5_r1_bedroom1_8

Okay. Granted. I’m not the hugest fan of these two personally, but I do love how they’re slightly more sophisticated in styling than your average Blockhead. Except for those lights. Something has gone terribly, terribly wrong there. I think some brass pendants would’ve been sleeker, you get enough texture from the bedding without the pillow cases stretched over the dreidels.


h1_r1_masterbed_walkin_4610 h1_r1_masterbed_walkin_4679

h1_r3_bedroomstudy_51 h1_r3_bedroomstudy_72 h1_r4_masterbed_walkin_2 h1_r4_masterbed_walkin_7I’m really digging their style; it has an understated charm about it, non? I’m particularly fond of the use of raw materials throughout – the exposed brick, the concretey wall, the wooden beds, the woollen cushions… I just think they’re bloody good at playing around with texture and layering. Top notch styling, guys, well done.

Yes there are two other couples, yes Max and Karstan won this week yet their bedroom does not appear on my list… soz guys, I just wasn’t that into it. Two paintings was two much (see what I did there?), but I look forward to seeing what everyone’s stairs and utility rooms look like this Sunday.

Okay, stairs and utility rooms are pretty boring. I might just do assignments instead.


  1. So far I’m liking Darren and Dee style. I think I could live in their apartment but you’re right those lights need to go. Texture overload! Totally agree about max and karstans room this week – 2 ugly paintings and a 70s style mirror left me cold.


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