I write this to you, tragically yet remarkably, from the grave. For you see, upon viewing Katie McKinnon’s ‘Marine Life’ series on her own Instagram account (@katiemckinnon_art), I carelessly remarked those shameful words “Can’t even. Dead.”, and now I must deal with my fatal mistake.

Just kidding.

But Katie’s work is just that good.


A Melbourne girl, Katie’s ‘Marine Life’ series references the Australian beaches of her childhood, and her bio will tell you that the artworks explore “the fierce beauty and quiet strength of the sea, circa-tidal rhythms and the native fish and marine plant species of coastal Australia.”




All I can really bring to the critiquing table (with all the judgement and finesse of a 21 year old that thinks spending substantial proportions of her day eating cereal in her underwear and watching cartoons) is it makes me smile. This artwork makes me so happy. It’s vibrant and joyous and I want to hang it in my bedroom so I never go to bed angry (usually from all the sugar and animated violence).



Check it all out so you can be all like, “OMG, literally, like, dying” too.

Katie’s Website


Meizai Richmond Showroom

658 Church St, Richmond VIC 3121

(03) 9279 2888


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