First and foremost, I present myself, grovelling and snivelling at your fresh spring kicks (I hear Birkenstocks are huge at the moment)(well I bloody hope so anyway because I bought two pairs) for your merciful pardon, for I realise it has almost been a month since I last posted.

In order for you to forgive me entirely, I feel as though I have to fill you in on an embarrassing secret – my oversized-novelty feet went straight through the riser of the stairs in my home, unfortunately whilst I was carrying my precious, precious macbook….although I myself escaped with a few bruises (the biggest of which resides on my ego), my laptop did not. 3 weeks and $789 later (wait, do wallets get bruises?), she’s back from the computer doctor better than ever and we’re back in business.

As we all know – Summer is just around the corner (OH PRAISE BE TO JEBUS) and I, for one, cannot wait to be wear my cutoffs, kick back with a tub of coffee gelato and have my ears blasted to pieces by cicadas. No really, I love it.

So to get you in the mood, I put together this little summer setup, full of natural texture and bright colours.

Screen Shot 2014-10-04 at 3.54.54 pm

Man… the things I would do to that chair…. Look at it…. Sit in it…. Okay just two things, but my word it’s beautiful.

Small Beaded Hanging Planter with Cup, $57.27 from here

Peacock Chair, $999 from here

Aura Yellow Triangles Cushion, $49.95 from here

Casablanca Palm Tree Lamp, $415 from here

Eggcup Stool with Yellow Painted Top, from here

Armadillo Marigold Rug, $515 from here

Kaiholo Pineapple 25cm, $24.95 from here

Geo Triangle Print 77cm x 90cm, $299 from here


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