SO my hometown is a small one, in rural Victoria, which means when it comes to the shopping front, we’re more restricted than the calories in my friend Brooke’s post-gym-elixir-tonic-celery-saturated-fat-free-gluten-free-something-something diet. However, we are blessed with ONE department store… a Target. Not even an inferior Target Country; a real, life sized Target with all the bells and whistles that a moderately priced department store can get. And with the latest additions to Australian Target’s homewares range, Missoni and  Lisa T, I must say, they’re not doing too shabbily. Unfortunately, a lot of what’s in store doesn’t make it to the website. Here’s a few highlights that I could throw together from what I could find online.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 12.16.41 pm– Side Table White $49Lisa T Rock Couture Rose Gold Clock $35 – Solid Cotton Rug in Tan $50Beach Day Print $90Real Living Monti Quilt Cover Set $89Missoni for Target Knitted Throw $69 – Knitted Velvet Cushion in Berry $15Charlie Table Lamp in Stone $30Lisa T Rock Couture Hurricane Lantern $12Lisa T Rock Couture Tealight Holder $12 –




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