I recently posted the above image on my Instagram (@sarahluke_)(come on, a bit of shameless cross-promotion never hurt anyone). I’m sure most people who have *ahem* “matured” will agree with me sometimes being an adult means an endless onslaught of rent and bills and petrol and responsibilities and jobs and can also mean financially living day to day. Just me? Okay.

However, through the relentless slough of doom and gloom, a beam of light shines in the malleable shape of homewares… again, just me? Okay. I don’t mark the transition between teen and adult with a blossoming maturity or any sort of physical development (I’ve been 6″1 since the age of 14, I loved cartoons then and I think I might love them even more now); I mark it with an upgrade in what you surround yourself with. Gone are the red cups, we have wine glasses now, and you better damn well remember to raise your pinky while you sip your Fruity Lexia, Coolabah Vintage, were you raised in some sort of barn?! When you start investing in these 9 things, you KNOW you’ve made it to the big time.

Screen Shot 2014-11-26 at 9.36.35 pm

 1. A couch that isn’t from IKEA, Gumtree, eBay or the curb. Nothing against IKEA, it’s just nothing says adult like buying one of the biggest furniture investments you’re ever going to make FIRST HAND, without having to put it together yourself. Freedom Studio 2.5 Seat Sofa in Arena Neptune, $999 2. Proper beach towels. My Bananas in Pyjamas paper thin beach towel just doesn’t cut it anymore. Plus look how cute this ‘Roundie’ towel is. Imagine pulling that out at the beach while your friends are still wrapped in their Bananas in Pyjamas rags… Okay, so again, just me, but with this baby, I’m a shade tent and a zinc stripe on the nose away from being a fully fledged adult. The Beach People Marjorelle Roundie Towel, $99  3. Artwork. Yes that’s right, artwork, not posters, not stolen traffic signs, artwork. If we’re feeling ritzy, FRAMED artwork. This one is drool worthy. Come to think of it, most of Anya Brock’s are. Check out her site, there’s some pretty awesome budgie paintings too. ‘You wanted it all. Here it is.’ 122cm x 91cm,  acrylic on canvas by Anya Brock 4. Linen sheets. Linen sheets are an investment, rather than a purchase, because they’ll last you for years. They’re breathable, they’ll keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, and they’re anti-allergic. If you’re going to invest in one thing on this list, this is it. Linen Duvet Set Double in Light Grey, $99 5. Real candles. When you hit about 20, it’s time to up your candle game. No more tea lights on op shop saucers. Obsession does not describe powerfully enough the feelings I have for this Ecoya candle. Buy me this candle and we’ll be friends forever. This scent… Drives. Me. Wild. Not in an animalistic, sexy way, in a comatosely, mouth-breathing, can’t-peel-myself-off-the-couch-kind-of-way. Just like cartoons. Ecoya Lemongrass & Ginger Madison Jar Candle, $39.99 6. Coffee Machine. My beautiful friends decided for my 21st, they’d all pitch in and get me a coffee machine. Because they’re beautiful. And I love them. NO MORE NESCAFE FOR ME, BITCHEZ! (Another marker of adulthood is yelling “NO MORE NESCAFE FOR ME, BITCHEZ!” obnoxiously, and repeatedly, usually at unresponsive objects like the fruit bowl or the next door neighbour’s tree). This is my actual coffee machine, except mine’s red, and I could not endorse it enough. Delonghi Icona Vintage Pump Espresso in Black 7. Throws. Other than looking good…. what purpose does a throw actually serve? I mean, it’s certainly not for warmth otherwise you’d drape blankets over your furniture. It must just be to make your house look like an adult lives there… AND THAT’S TOTALLY FINE BECAUSE THIS ONE IS AWESOME. YOU’RE ON THE LIST, THROWS! Freja Throw in Charcoal Marle from Country Road, $149.00 8. Cheese platters. Never in my youth did I ever question the lack of cheese platters in my life. Recently, however, I found myself with guests, cheese and sans a cheese platter, and actually felt a little embarrassed presenting it on a regular dining plate. You can bet your sweet aunt Ethel I rushed out immediately following and purchased a cheese platter. Phew, thank goodness because now I’m an adult. Studio Cheese Board from Domayne, $29.95 9. Fresh flowers. Your Nana did it, your Mum did it, and now fresh flowers are inching their way into your space too. There’s something so uplifting about having a few fresh flowers around to spruce up both the appearance and smell of the room. Ask me 5 years ago and I would’ve been indifferent. Now? It’d just feel orchid without them. And you just know I laughed far too hard at that before I even wrote it. Oh, classic comedy.

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