Are you so cold your cakes are frosting themselves? You’re regretting the use of the phrase “when hell freezes over”? Those rocks rattling around in your shoe are actually your just your disjointed and frostbitten toes?

Never fear! I am here! To blatantly reject winter and all it stands for. This year, the frosty bastard’s hit hard – Australia is currently delving headfirst into an “Antarctic Vortex”, or some other grade a bullshit winter’s sadistically decided to dish up to already frozen Melbournians. As you can tell, despite the cold, I am as cheery as ever, and thus present to you; Sarah’s Happy Place!


Or at least as Troppo Loco you can get from under two jumpers, a doona and an electric blanket.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 11.28.03 pm


  1. Taupe Skulls and Roses Quilt Cover Set, Sanctuary
  2. L.I.M Chandelier, Klaylife
  3. Hogsten Outdoor Armchair, IKEA
  4. Beverly Hills Banana Leaf Pillow Cover, Pillomatic
  5. Marigold Rug, Armadillo&Co
  6. Hogsten Outdoor Footstool, IKEA
  7. Night Rhythm Skate Deck, Art Club Concept
  8. Low Tide Print, Mitch Gobel Resin Art
  9. Vivid Basket, Freedom Furniture
  10. Pina Colada Pillow Case in ‘Deep Charcoal’, I Love Linen
  11. Eggcup Side Table, Mark Tuckey
  12. Mercer + Ried Frost Diffuser in Coconut, Adairs
  13. Britta Ash Trivet, Country Road
  14. Drifters and Dreamers A4 Print, The Brown Trading Co.

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