Things us Australians done good at:

-Sausage Rolls

-Trackie Daks



-Thongs (real thongs, none of this “we’re America and we english better than you” business)

-Accidentally inhaling flies


-Hugh Jackman

-Beers with Hugh Jackman

-Putting beetroot in burgers with the lot*

-Large fibreglass bananas, prawns and sheep

-Claiming Kiwis as Australians. Until they stuff up. Then, of course, they return to their lowly status as Kiwis.

-Perfectly executing the balance of natural textures within our spaciously and economically designed homes

Okay, that last one on the list there doesn’t really seem to slide in as seamlessly as I was hoping but regardless, it’s genuinely one of my favourite things about Australian architecture and style. When we aren’t drinking beers with Hugh Jackman over a few sausage rolls slathered in vegemite, we do appreciate a bit of space and a ripper view. ‘Tis in our nature; our backyard (aka the outback, maybe you’ve heard of it) entirely consists of just that – space.

The ‘Australian Dream’, conceived in post-war suburban Australia, was very literally owning your own simple weatherboard on a quarter acre in the suburbs, a welcome breakaway from our British cousins, who appreciate a more compact (read: so very very compact) way of life. Our Federation homes (super prevalent in our cities) or our Queenslander homes up north both reflect the cultural and climatic factors that shape Australia. For example, verandahs aren’t for decoration. They’re literally to cool your house the shit down.

And they’re a good place to sit while you have beers with Hugh Jackman.

And smugly snicker at the tourists who pose with the Big Soggy Weet-Bix that you’ve constructed out of a few expired hay bales in your front yard.

Here are a few of my favourite Australian interiors images, brought to you by procrasti-pinning. Note the warmth. The use of sheep skin and wood and antique white. The simplicity of it all. Because if there’s one thing Australians don’t like, it’s a fuss. And New Zealanders.

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*Seriously though, if you don’t want a burger with beetroot, then you don’t want a burger with the lot. You want some scaled-down, nutritionally-void wimpy burger. Stop posing and swap your “no beetroot plz” with a steaming cup of concrete, you stain.

All images sourced from Pinterest.

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