“Yeah – yeah. No, it looks great. Yeah. Sarah’s done it all. Yeah, there’s plants and crap everywhere.”

– Adam, my enthusiastic ex-housemate, whilst on the phone to his sister, discussing my obsession with decorating our unit with plants.


Ain’t they just glorious? In photography, I learnt that the human eye is most receptive to green. Usually I find science a tedious chore, but colourful science? Still very boring, but applicable to the arts.

My point is, I love plants in a home. They liven a space, give the room an organic, earthly feel. As an Aussie, I’m a big believer in blending the indoors with the outdoors, and plants are a super easy way to achieve that.

In our tiny little home, we have 17 plants, and growing (geddit? I know you geddit. You geddit so much you wish you hadn’t heardit).

Let it be known, I, by no means, have a green thumb. Yet none of my plants have died yet. Besides the one Adam “accidentally” dropped and then covered over with its own spilled soil, very sadistic. Regardless, I thought it would be appropriate to share with my brown thumbed homies (I’m sorry, I’ll never use that phrase again) the plants I am unable to kill. I recommend them all highly.


Those of you who really, really can’t deal with the responsibility of caring for a leafy friend, may I recommend some banana leaf wall paper, or a ferny looking cushion, or perhaps a leaf in a vase.

But whatever you do, don’t do fake. Fake not good. Fake bad.

All images sourced from Pinterest.

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