Miss me?

Probs not.

I come back to you, grovelling yet again, but this time bearing gifts of the ‘before photo’ kind. That’s right; more renos.

We decided to renovate our rental property, and by “we” I mean “I” and by “our” I mean “my parents'”. Honestly though, I had no choice, you’ll see why in a second.

After buying the property 10 years ago, and having renters solidly in the property for 5 years, we hadn’t really checked in in a while to see how the house was fairing.

We walked into a goddamn horror scene. Check out those tiles. All of them. Cork, kitchen splash back and whatever the hell is on the floor of the bathrooms. I was visibly shaken for a week. Ugh, I’m getting PTSD just from the photos.

These photos are from a couple of weeks ago… Dad and I have been very busy demolishing, painting, installing, cleaning and knocking back frothies after a hard day’s work.

Now I’ve inflicted these eye sores upon you all, my loyal readership, you’ll have to stay tuned for what I promise is a happy ending.

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