Metallics are stylish, constantly on trend, and simultaneously a modern and classic design choice. The latest metal having its figurative time to shine (couldn’t do it, too easy) is copper. Copper accessories are popping up everywhere, and I’m crediting copper’s softness in comparison to silver and gold making for a breath of fresh air. The pink hue also majorly compliments the recent pastel resurgence. I’m still looking for an affordable way to add copper into my home, and I’m thinking the H&M copper candle sticks I mentioned below are a good entry point…but all that candle wax clean up…. So stay tuned.

Here’s some inspo.

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Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 12.40.01 am

1. Ando 1 Light Pendant in Copper, $89.95 at Beacon Lighting

2.  Scamp Large Table in Copper Base + Marble Top, $899.00 at BluDot

3. Copper Real Good Chair, $299.00 at BluDot

4. Metal Candle Holder $9.95 at H&M