I have people on the blower telling me what a failure I am. Emails gushing out the wazoo on my lack of posts. I am really, really sorry interwebs, I swear. I haven’t meant to neglect you. I have just been flat out. In amongst the last few months I’ve had a melt down over:

  • Christmas
  • Getting a new job
  • House shopping
  • Getting a house, but then having a housemate pull out and thus not having enough money
  • Getting the same house back, but then not having correct payment
  • Finally getting the house but not having any time to move in
  • Getting my car backed into
  • The tuna selection being too broad at Coles (by this stage you can tell my mental state is rapidly deteriorating)

The good news is, peeps, I have acquired myself some couches. Some damn fine couches. Which got me feeling like:


Bruno Mars reference. Mmmm. Topical.

The reason why I am so sickly-sweet-self-righteously-pink-blazer-wearing-pleased with myself is that I scored two Domayne three seater brown distressed leather couches from eBay. Initially worth around $7,000 each, they are very similar to this updated model:


I got them for $275. Both of them. For $275. Not each. Together. $275.

No, I’m not kidding you.

Yes, for realsies.

Pick your jaw up off the floor at your own leisure.

Just a quick post tonight to give you an update on the blogging situation (I’M SORRY), and as we are moving house tomorrow (oh dear mother of god, moving is a difficult process when you have a lot of crap), I promise to give you an update on the house once fully furnished. K bye!


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