I just celebrated my 21st birthday in the form of a family friendly Sunday lunch. My parents only returned from Hawaii 3 days prior, and because of their absence, it’s been up to me to do much of the planning, decorating, menu deciding. For the average 20 year old, this would result in foot stamping, then feigned casual indifference, then sheer panic second only to that of the day before a university exam when you realise excessive viewing of Regular Show doesn’t actually provide the answers to your 2 hour public relations exam like you were hoping. But still, such a good show. Anyway, for me, like many other finicky, meticulous control freaks, planning my own party was the best 21st present anyone could have given me. I love cooking, I love decorating, but most of all, I love having a solid plan. See here for some pictures from the day.

photo 1

The only problem I suffered from, and believe me I suffered, is that my traditional source of inspiration, Pinterest, plays host to some seriously tacky 21st idea. Think oversized, pink glittery wine glasses, jello shot birthday cakes, beer trees (whatever the hell they are) and far too many comic sans birthday banners. As much as Pa enjoys a splash of port, I thought the jello shot birthday cake went too far. I managed to scrape together a small folder of decorating ideas for a party that, you know, doesn’t douse the guests in an amount of alcohol that would be enough to ignite a small town.

The images are fairly varied, from rustic to Gatsby, because I couldn’t really settle on any one theme. So here are some of my favourites.









6adc1a29062d49fb07bb962ccd3847b94c471cbce2c912f9a4f46eee51d19184Styled by Kelly Anne Moore

All images sourced from Pinterest