Palm print. Banana leaf print. Martinique print. Beverly Hills Hotel print. Whatever you want to call it, this tropical delight is now one of the most recognisable wallpapers in the world. Originally created by decorator Don Loper in 1942 for the Beverly Hills Hotel, this iconic wallpaper is trending hard at the moment.

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…So I’m in love. Just looking at this print makes me forget it’s the first day of winter and I’m sitting in front of a fire with 4 layers of clothing on and a cup of soup. Where’s a coconut with a special loopy straw and mini umbrella when you need it? Here are a few of my favourite Martinique print products to make you go troppo.

Untitled 2.001

1. Tahiti Deck Chair, $299 from Gallant and Jones (a tree is donated and planted with every chair sold)

2. Tropical 18” Accent Cushion, $44.17 from WhitlockandCo Etsy Shop

3. Tropical Glam Banana Leaf Print iPhone Case, $35 from Society6

4. Medocie Flats, $98.00 from Anthropologie

5. Milly Banana Leaf Cosmetic Case, $48.75 from