Picture me, infomercial style, standing in my kitchen, in black and white, wiping my sodden brow and giving you my best look of exhaustion/despair/forlorn.

“As a university student, I find myself constantly in the struggle of being an adult and being perpetually financially challenged.”

Cue me, looking dejectedly at a broken clock, or an ugly second hand blanket, and shaking my head as though it’s a tragedy on par with what is actually wrong with the world. Pan to an overly chipper host, in full colour who hands me a stylish mug and flashes his pearly whites in the least greasy way possible, which is still pretty greasy. But he’s wearing hipster glasses because IT’S AN AD FOR TYPO.

“Never fear, TYPO is here! Cotton On’s Typo has launched a brand new homewares line – ‘The Hall'”




Although I’m yet to hear back from Typo on whether they like my script or not, I can tell you RIGHT NOW I’m in love with these high quality products at low, low prices…


In all seriousness, Typo had a crack at homewares, and I think they nailed it. The products themselves are in the trendy muted pastels of today, and I LOVE the geometric edge in the crockery and textiles.

NOTE: This is not a plug… I wish I was getting paid…SO I COULD BUY ME SOME TYPO HOMEWARES and so the cycle continues. Here’s my picks:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.14.07 pm

  1. Budgie Wall Hanging – $19.95
  2. Light Blue Medium Candle Holder – $19.95
  3. Textured Mug – $6.95
  4. Small Textured Bowl – $7.95
  5. Cobalt Water Colour Printed Cushion $24.95
  6. Patterned Throw in Black Triangles $49.95

Head over to Typo to check out more of the range.